yEARNCash Finance; The first ever cryptocurrency fantasy betting platform powered by blockchain ?

4 min readJun 18, 2022

The blockchain is gaining lots of traction, breaking the edge of the web2 to web3. This will allow information to be accessible on chain by millions of people around the world in a record time. To put it bluntly, it stands as the adequate technology to scale any business without raising as much as expenses or any form of resources.

You may want to consider joining this space at its early stages. The industry is evolving with thousands of projects being built. You can find a bunch of development incoming in this space by looking at Gitcoin.

Why would you be interested in blockchain?

Most of the craziest and most mind-blowing developments on the blockchain are platforms that allow users to earn money by interacting. There is an increasing focus on making blockchain projects enjoyable to use, with gamification offering ways to earn in the protocols, gambling, betting and more. The most fun game ever made on the Blockchain, called coindraft innovated by YearnCash Finance ( YFIC), might be your new way to enter the industry without investing a dime.

What’s Coindraft ?

Coindraft is the first cryptocurrency fantasy game that rewards its players with free USD tether just for playing the game every week, provided that they follow the requirements. The game is a simulation of trading in cryptocurrencies.

How it works ?

  • You must activate the Ethereum compatible wallet in your crypto wallet. You can download your wallet by following these links.
  • A user must sign up for and confirm the integration steps as the validation email address!
  • Pick your community and then submit your wallet address.
  • Each week the top 100 crypto’s (Ranked by Market Cap) will be listed for players to choose from to fill your lineup of 8 crypto’s. Simply draft a lineup of 8 crypto’s from the top 100 each Sunday in Yearn Cash Telegram Channel.
  • You will have 24-hours to edit your lineup leading up to when the game begins on Monday’s at 12:00pm UTC. At this time your lineup will be locked-in, and scoring for the week will begin. Each of your 8 crypto selections will begin the week with a $1,000 “play money” balance.
  • The sum of the P&L for all 8 positions in your lineup will be used to determine your place on the weekly leaderboard! Draft the lineup with the highest P&L for any given week and win up to $500!
  • You can see your performances on the platform dashboard!

That’s all to start your jourey in the cryptospace!

The team is building against the market odds. CoinDraft is currently in the 17th week of beta testing and the alpha version will be launched after the Yearn Cash wallet, which offers key features such as:

  • Enter your wallet (Not connect your wallet)
  • Create a contest for you and your friends and wager crypto with one another.
  • Players will be able to stake the prizepool while the game is being played for more reward

What else can you expect from YearnCash Finance?

  • YFIC (Yearn Cash)

An ERC20token with a max supply of 35,000. These tokens will serve as the Native tokens of yEARN Wallet. Yearn Cash will be used as the peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system powering yEARN Wallet and its subsidiary platforms, CoinDraft and CoinLabs and a full-service Crypto Casino.

  • CoinLabs

yEARN Wallet’s underlying technology will be packaged and licensed to businesses who look to integrate cryptocurrency into their business. No matter how intricate the business is, our platform has the ability to provide a customized and streamlined crypto integration solution that fits all their needs.

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