Which undervalued NFT project might soar in the next bull market ? NFTv.social, a case study!

4 min readOct 28, 2022


What’s an NFT ?

Conceptually and basing on the state of the things on digital marketplaces such as Opensea.io, Looksrare.org and BinanceNFT ; NFTs can be conceived as tradable digital art work powered by blockchain’s technology in order to give full ownership right to the buyer, trader or the collector (new owner). It attracts buyers for their unique traits and quality of art.

Either way, it’s just the funniest manner to simplify the market making of artist’s works (photographer, designer, art sellers & auctioneers, gamers, musician etc) since the blockchain is reputed as the fastest and secure way to transact and create a large user base in a few time. As matter of fact, Blockchain’s DAOs are raising higher and significant amount through its believers every single day. However, let’s explore other possibilities.

An NFT is a digital asset that can come in the form of art, music, in-game items, videos, and more. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos. Admitted by Robyn Conti & John Schmidt from Forbes Advisor.

As for James Kelly from NFTgators.com

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset that can be identified through its unique qualities held within its metadata. Due to the way they are designed and minted, NFTs are unique and cannot be replaced, altered, or changed in any way. Once they have been created, they will be permanently etched on the blockchain’s public ledger for all to see.

No matter the technical aspect of the definition, NFTs would be used as a form of free speech media kit to empower the holders. Altogether, making the notion of the web3 space or more of a community gathering around a purpose than the conceptive idea of art. Bored Ape Yatch Club with over 9.99k supply and $111,507.89 floor price is the largest NFT collection in industry right now, gained so much traction thanks to the community of holders. The community really matter.

One question ramping all social networks with its forehead as Twitter is; how to join the next biggest thing. Actually, nobody would want to miss out on a potential project. That’s almost a weakness, blinding the sense of analysis and research on a substantial leak or risk on an NFT project, though a strength to encourage new innovations coming into the space regardless of its authenticity.

What could be the next big NFT project?

The biggest thing will always be something we would not hear, read or murmur about in its early stage due to a couple of reason. Its secrecy, the type of backers and the developer's vision of how it should work. The growth strategy of the founders is also a reason why only a few hear of it while in development.

But technologies have made it possible to dig and reach out to the big collectors, so you can know their target in a market's time frame. NFTGo.io helps basic traders or collectors to swing through the market for a profitable play.

NFTv.Social have same qualification, although partnered with few of other web3 projects for mutual social support. You may have more view on this from their Twitter page.

What’s NFTV.Social all about ?

NFTv is more than just an NFT project with a focus. As clearly, readable through its genuine whitepaper , “NFTv aims to create the Web3 platform in social engagement online via the use of entertainment and fashion IP at its core”.

Steady as the stones under the sea in the processing, their vision is to become the world’s largest SociaFi platform with strong IP rights to entertain and engage its community of holders. This is just an amazing way to gestate the NFT and its utility beyond the art of decoration or ownership. Everyone has the right to enjoy with their famous physical objects or character in the virtual world. NFTv.Social vision is to “empower individuals by providing equitable remuneration for their time spent on the platform through ownership of digital assets”.

NFTv.Social is bringing in the space inclusive features to increase users interest and make them feel at home. From cryptocurrency to DAO program and social platform, it’s likely the next biggest thing.

NFTv.Social is creating an NFTV token to reward its Panda NFT holders. NFTv Token is the currency and governance token of the NFTv SocialFi Platform. In addition to participating credentials for decentralized governance and proof of entry for related games and services. [..]

In addition to that, the DAO program will grant the users the decision-making right by vote on the progress and pimping changes into the ecosystem. The DAO also controls the ecosystem smart contracts. Moreover, NFT Marketplace, Metamines Gamefi platform and E-commerce are going to be implemented by NFTv.Social.

The town of no return!

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