The food chain is using a new technology. How is Baktat Germany empowering the future of groceries market?

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Baktat Germany

According to researchers, food chain describes how energy and nutrients move through an ecosystem. At the basic level there are plants that produce the energy, then it moves up to higher-level organisms like herbivores. After that, when carnivores eat the herbivores, energy is transferred from one to the other.

Similarly, retail grocery marketers are the wayforward for ends consumers to get items such as milk, potato, tomatoes and a bunch of basic need for human being survivals. Considering various governmental statistics reports, the global food and groceries market is currently valued at nearly $12 trillion (in the year 2019) and expected to sustain a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 5%. The retail groceries sector is meant to continue thriving and maintaining itself as one of the most profitable industries in the world.

Baktat germany

Basing on recent statements, just a few companies share the entire market worth. 2022 records, Walmart Inc owns $341 billion, Costo wholesale corporation owns $103 billion in sales in and Lidl Shifting & Co. KG owns 96.3 billion of the global groceries market. This is absolutely gigantic and represents in other extent a real threat to an open and democratic market where economics are expected to bring in a change. In simple terms, it could be called a monopolistic market.

Why Baktat Germany project ?

Baktat thought of a system through which users can get groceries, better conditions, care and as bonus increasing the possibility of having more power on further deal.

Obviously, the easiest way to achieve this is through a network that cut all third parties, grant users the possibility to impact their offering choice and more. To straighten things out, wants to use their experience and brainpower to democratize the grocery market.

The idea is a consecutive, progressive hard work of the famous CEO, Özgür Baklan. Within 2 years, he increased the turnover of the family business in the area of distribution to 32.5 million. At the age of 22, he developed the idea of selling Baktat products in the ethnic market (Helal). He implemented the idea and founded the “ Back-frisch GmbH”. Creates, udulag brands in Europe and Abone Supermarkets. Within 3 years he achieved a 100% increase in sales. The total turnover has remained stable until today.

Henceforth, Baktat aims at creating a solid use to cryptocurrencies by allowing regular people to buy their food at Abone Supermarkets regardless of their background while building a strong ecosystem of token-driven franchises 💈.

Baktat Germany

Here is a Scope on features: What can you do with your BaktatCoin?

  • Our customer’s profitability is what matters mostok_hand Baktatcoin renders transacting:
  • Transacting with Abone Supermarkets by executing purchases
  • Gaining access to deep discounts and offers at Abone Supermarkets throughout Europe.
  • Crowdfunding to start new franchises, community-owned in partnership with Baktat using our resources, ecosystem and expertise
  • BaktatCoin Staking and Earn
  • Baktat Mobile’s Applicatio
  • etc

How to get BaktatCoin ?

BaktatCoin BNB SC Token is limited to a maximum supply of 999.999.999 BAKTAT. It’s the native token of Baktat platform to power users purchase in all Abone Market, staking, franchise launches around Europe and more.

Smart Contract:

Baktat token ICO is live at for €0.39 = ~$0.5 per Baktat. Tokens are available in Baktat’ shopping account dashboard before the distribution that will happen after the exchange listing.

For that, baktat lauches an affiliate marketing program which supports 10% on every token purchase made by referrals, paid in USD Coin to the referrers. Get started here:

Baktat Germany

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