SleeFi; the WEB3 innovative solution for wealth building while at Sleep

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Sleep to Earn

The web3 is seized as the next generation of an evolving internet technology that powers users rather than centralized systems working on behalf of its users.

The invention of blockchain technology firstly undertaken by satoshi and later enhanced by decentralized application pioneers as Vitalik buterin , Michael Egorov and others who frame the way for orienting Web 2 to a new set of programs that focus on user empowerment.

Amidst progress and developments, the decentralized finance commonly known DeFi is introduced to foster a free, permissionless financing decision by users baring the middle man, third parties or government. This led to great innovations to enlighten the blockchain universe through, Non-fungible tokens ( NFT), Game finance and play to earn ( GameFi P2E), Staking, liquidity farming, Vault and so many other tech engineering creativities.

Henceforth, SleeFi was innovated as the Sleep to Earn protocol, leveraging users’ possiblites to create wealth with unique fundamentals and core system. It encourages the habit of sleeping well on a regular basis by promising consistent rewards as long as the player logs in the decentralized protocol.

How does SleeFi work ?

First of all, SleeFi is promoting the healthcare of its users over lots of protocols out there that require a day and night watch of assets movements and balance. It’s simple and easy to grab by basis users. In other words, a game structured protocol that “ incentivizes the practice of finding quality sleep by restoring its long lost value through a game model that rewards participants for cultivating the habit of taking a good night’s rest.

To begin with, users are required to meet these requirements. :

  • Get a bed

A Bed is an upgradeable NFT that enables holders to measure the quantity and quality of sleep and accumulate tokens during sleeping hours. The Bed forms the most important element in the game; everything else revolves around it. Users can spend money on a Bed to improve its earning efficiency per unit time. They can either buy add-ons or upgrade the bed’s levels itself, or do both.

  • What’s next after you get your Unique Sleefi Bed NFT ?

Cleaning up, steadying with Jewels, Sockets to improve the productivity of more sleeps and upgrading to keep up with the top mining rate as possible. There comes the the tokenecnomis. For instance, adding a Ruby to your Bed increases the rate at which it generates new SLFT tokens per unit time.

What Are the SLFT & SLGT Tokens?

SLFT tokens

SLFT is the in game utility token and SLGT the in game governance token. Both token can be used to upgrade, add utilities to have a glamour bed thus pumping the rewards. For sure, the presence of SLGT makes all the different, for it helps all users to own part of the game governance and participate in decision taking.

So far, all players will be rewarded in SLFT tokens, the major asset to be listed on centralized exchanges. What’s more in SleeFi? Free Lucky box and absolute immersion in decentralized finance through staking . Users can commit the earnings generated from sleep to the SleeFi platform to enjoy multiple income sources. The platform gives variable interest rates that depend on the staking situation at a given time.

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