Mine your first Crypto without a Miner. How feasible ?

4 min readJun 20, 2022

Over the course of decades, Cryptocurrencies Mining is a lucrative and sustainable business. Because it only requires a miner and a source of power to run a blockchain node in order to improve the speed of the transaction and get rewarded in the native coin.

For the non-technical person, cryptocurrency mining is the process by which all transactions are securely carried out on the blockchain and new blocks are generated, which also results in the generation of new coins.

Coinbase states that; the Mining is the process that Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies used to generate new coins and verify new transactions. It involves a network of computers around the world that verify and secure the virtual ledgers known as the dairies. Participating computers are rewarded with new coins for their contributions to the network. It’s a virtuous circle the miners secure and maintain the blockchain, and the blockchain awards the coins, which provide an incentive for the miners to secure and maintain the blockchain.

Understandably, cryptocurrency mining is an essential part of a blockchain’s functionality, and thus requires more resources, such as a powerful ASIC, GPU, or CPU miner, as well as energy and other disposals, to keep the node processing transactions. That’s been said and has been occurring for the few years.

What are the other methods of mining cryptocurrencies?

Alternative methods, such as cloud mining or hashrate trading, have been developed to bypass the bitcoin mining system. For Investopedia publisher Jake Frankenfield, cloud mining is a mechanism to mine a cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, using rented cloud computing power and without having to install and directly run the hardware and related software.

What are the new thing in the industry.

The traditional method of cryptocurrency mining has been renewed with a decentralized vision of its operating methods. It offers both cloud and hash rate trading, giving the user the choice. This new technology is being implemented in an attempt to change the P2E industry by introducing inclusive features that will improve staking profitability across dapps thanks to MetaPocket platform.

What’s MetaPocket ?

MetaPockt is a wallet that supports multi-currency, multi-layer and cross chain transactions. To simplify the complexity of accessing games for users, serving aspiring Dapp and NFT developers and becoming a new generation of digital wallet is what it is committed to.

MetaPocket’s wallet offers a Game Discovery feature, which clearly displays users’ favorite genres or what blockchain they prefer, and at the same time allows developers and projects to market their game through advertising, ensuring a free and fair market for all. MetaPocket can be used to interact with any games, providing users a seamless experience on any major networks.

How to mine your first coin with MetaPocket?

You can use BUSD + META/ or any listed token to increase mining power and get more yield. 100 US dollars worth of METAPK/Listed token is needed to get 200 mining power. Metapk token purchases are automatically destroyed, and the associated mining power disappears after roughly 24 hours. The distribution is priced at the real market time at 00:00 AM.

How to start?

Using your Mobile operating system is the best way to start Mining easily without much ado:

  • Deposit a minium of 100 BUSD coin into your wallet: find out how to get your BUSD coin.
  • Get a minimum of 100 of your desired gaming coin as based currency for mining your MetaPk.
  • Go to the dapp browser and click on the Metapocket.
  • Connect your wallet and deposit your BUSD and the Gaming asset into the protocol.
  • Top up your Mining power, rate 1:1 (busd:gaming asset)

What’s more in Metapocket ?

Metapocket is not only engineering new methods into the blockchain industry, but also enhancing the chances for users to make profits regardless of market trends. Metapocket Sniperbot, will help users to auto-scan and buy into any eligible new launch tokens from PancakeSwap (all BSC networks) in amazing speeds to ride down the myth on Sniping liquidity and whale pools. You can find further details on metapocket.games

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